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Peterborough Petes at the World Jr. Hockey Championships

The following players and teams represented Team Canada at the World Junior Hockey Championships

1974- Entire Team- Bronze Medal *

1980- Entire Team *

1982- Dave Morrison- Gold Medal

1983- Steve Yzerman

1986- Terry Carkner- Silver Medal

1987- Luke Richardson

1988- Jody Hull- Gold Medal

1989- Mike Ricci

1989- Corey Foster

1990- Mike Ricci- Gold Medal

1990- Dick Todd (Assistant Coach) - Gold Medal

1991- Dick Todd (Head Coach) - Gold Medal

1992- Jassen Cullimore

1993- Jason Dawe - Gold Medal

1993- Chris Pronger- Gold Medal

1993- Brent Tully- Gold Medal

1994- Brent Tully (Captain)- Gold Medal

1997- Cameron Mann- Gold Medal

2006- Steve Downie- Gold Medal

2007- Steve Downie (Assistant Captain) - Gold Medal

2015- Nick Ritchie - Gold Medal


* Prior to 1982, CHL Club Teams represented Canada at the World Junior Championship rather than the All-Star contingents of modern day.